About The Staff

Joe K.

Joe K. - Software Developer

Joe brings 9+ years of software development experience to the team. He earned a bachelor's degree in Information Science with high distinction from Penn State. With his work at Brown's, he gets to combine his interests of code optimization and discover language-learning shortcuts.

In his spare time, he enjoys running, cycling, and cooking.

Joe K.

Cristina Gigante - Spanish/English Translator

With an experience of more than ten years in the areas of English Teaching and Translation, Cristina has always been passionate about languages and how people communicate around the world. Currently training to be a Sworn Translator, she spends most of her time working on-line as a freelancer. She also holds a Certificate of Proficiency by The University of Cambridge.

Cristina enjoys traveling and, above everything, communicating with people from all over the world.

Otto V.

Otto Villatoro - Spanish/English Translator

Otto is a native Spanish speaker from Guatemala and a graduate from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of Spanish and English, and learning new languages like French and Czech.

In addition to photography and traveling, he enjoys watching foreign movies.

About The Technology

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