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We got a lot of questions about Brown's Spanish Verb Dictionary. Learn more by reading through these answers. You'll get an idea of what the app does and find that Spanish is truly within your reach. Click the questions below to get the corresponding answers.

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Known Issues

iPhone Version

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Requested Features

Users have requested the following additions be made to the app. These features are planned for coming releases. Fill out this form to request a new feature.

  1. Search conjugated forms — For example: return tener when searching tengo.
  2. Verb of the day [iPhone] — Everyday a random verb is shown to you via a popup message. This encourages studying and exposes students to new words.
  3. Increase Accessibility [iPhone] — Make the iPhone app more compatible with the Voice Over software that is included with the iPhone/iPod Touch OS.
  4. Look up undefined verbs [iPhone] — Use a search engine to look up undefined verbs from within the app.

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